Can I Use Colour Mill Edible Food Colours for Chocolate?

Very simple and quick answer is, yes you can use Colour Mill edible food dyes for chocolate. That’s pretty much what they were made for. If you’re not familiar with Colour Mill products, here’s a quick overview.

Colour Mill edible food colours are new ones on the market and they are pretty revolutionary. The standard food colours are usually other liquids, gels or powders, where first two of them are water based. Water based food colours can be good for colouring many things, amongst some are fondant, ganache, cake batter and so on. But when it comes to chocolate and buttercream, really anything that’s oil based itself, you need to be careful what colouring products you use.

Water based food colours are a big no-no when it comes to chocolate. Basically, even the tiniest smallest amount of water, will make the chocolate seize. Seized chocolate goes all hard and lumpy and won’t go back soft and smooth even when you try to melt it down more.

Most of the powdered food colours will be good for chocolate. The problem with powdered food colours though, is the fact that quite often the colours are hard to dissolve and will leave your chocolate streaky and uneven looking.

Since chocolate is oil based and so is Colour Mill edible food colours, they are pretty much match made in heaven. Colour Mill food dyes will mix into chocolate nice and smooth and will give you awesome vibrant colours.

Our favourite out of all the Colour Mill amazing food colours, must be white. If you’ve ever melted white chocolate, then you know, that white chocolate isn’t in fact white at all. Depending on chocolate it can be anywhere from slightly off colour white, to full on dark yellow. Colour Mill white food dye, will solve this problem easily, and will give you great results when trying to colour your white chocolate to real white.

Another positive fact about Colour Mill food colours. Little goes long way! Colour Mill colours will deepen over time. So, whenever you’re doing the colouring, make sure you start with a small amount of Colour Mill food colouring and see if you’re kind of happy with the results. Leave the ingredients to rest for couple hours and check the colour again. You will notice immediately that the colour has changed a lot. If you still think that you’re not happy with the shade, you can just add little bit extra Colour Mill food colouring to achieve the colour you’re after.

You can always add more Colour Mill colouring to your chocolate, but you can’t take it off, so make sure you start slow and with a lighter colour then you actually need.